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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde


A major educational innovation

It is the doctoral work of Jean-Yves Mercier that provides the first foundations of the Self-Leadership program. In 1995, the question then is how to develop at the same time the individual and collective potentials. Built from real cases in business, new pedagogical postulates are then posed. Before the Internet, it is the dynamic learning networks that appear as the means to work both on the autonomy and responsibility of the individual in the company.

The MBA demand

For more than 10 years, this pedagogy will be deepened by Guy Gimenez and Jean-Yves Mercier during more than fifty mandates in private and public institutions in French-speaking Switzerland and Catalonia.

Then, in 2008, Emmanuel Josserand – then director of the MBA of HEC Geneva – poses a challenge to Jean-Yves Mercier. Employed executives who take the MBA are no longer sent by their companies to prepare for a well-defined career. They are certainly offered a means of development, but it is up to them to manage their careers. And they do not know how…… The idea of ​​the Self-Leadership program was born.

The contribution of e-learning

We must go further than the initial pedagogy. We only focus here on the individual. The networks of his company are not mobilized during his participation in the MBA sessions. The research power of the Academy comes into play, as well as the service of continuing education at the University of Geneva. Through videos and didactic films, we reproduce the interactions of the learner with the outside. He then questions himself in solo through interviews of managers, then goes to work and exchange in groups to learn how to transfer his thoughts to his personality.

Self-Leadership was designed and launched in 2009. First as an optional module of the Executive MBA classes of HEC Geneva, it became mandatory in 2010 and an inherent part of the MBA degree. It’s the first self-leadership course in the world to be developed and disclosed in a University and has since inspired many other courses on the same subject, from the United States to Australia.

The answer given to companies

Following the confirmed success of the program with university students, some of them, themselves leaders within their respective companies, expressed the need to use the method in their own firms. Self-Leadership Lab was created in July 2010 to meet these needs, in collaboration between Jean-Yves Mercier and the University of Geneva

As of January 1, 2018, nearly 1,700 people have benefited from the program. Programs integrating projects of collective intelligence, governance overhaul and Self-Leadership have been developed to benefit many companies. For individuals, a personal version has been developed online, reducing the costs of access to the training part of Self-Leadership.

The internationalisation of the concept

In 1995, the theme interested only a few “Illuminati”.

In 2008, one had to be visionary to believe in the emergence of self-leadership concerns. Many HR directors and leaders found the idea fascinating… and inapplicable.

Times have changed. Today’s complexity demands that each actor of a company plays his role with all his personality. This is at least the case for businesses and markets where knowledge is the key resource. One can force an individual to follow a production process but not to innovate nor to find solutions to recurrent new situations.

Self-Leadership Lab has already been distributed in Australia, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Senegal and China. If we keep the Swiss quality guarantee, if we continue to benefit from the support and research facilities of the University of Geneva, it is especially our 18 years of existence that is our main strength. Where others stammers, we already have a lot of experience.


Take your place. Your rightful place.

Give yourself time to question yourself, promote your awareness to refocus and then have the courage to take your place. Your rightful place.

In a complex world with no predetermined answers, value no longer consists in implementing models but in knowing and understanding them. To know you yourself, which will help you to create the right answers to the various situations you’re going to encounter.

We take the party to place you in front of your responsibilities. We give you the means to find your paths of action. Our experience shows us that it is by clarifying your specific value with regards to your environment that you will take the initiative to achieve, for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of your environment.

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