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To respond in a personalised way to each Manager & each Company


Executive MBA

This training allows you to reposition yourself and take all your place in your professional life, that is to say:

Become aware of your strengths in your role
Envision yourself in complexity based on your life motivators
Develop your confidence to impact your environment
Set up your evolution scenarios by mobilising your network

Premium (Companies)

More than a transposition, it is a fundamental evolution integrating the strategic and collective needs of the company which today Self-Leadership puts at your disposal in its most elaborate version. The Premium approach is a blended learning version:

28 hours of distance preparation
22 hours of coaching in groups of 6 people
And this, sequenced during the 4 stages and the training assessment

Remote (online)

Since September 2016, an online version allows you to benefit from Self-Leadership wherever you are based:

Sharing your thoughts to help you to formalise them and understand what connects you to others – or differentiates you from them
6 discussions in pairs to question yourself more deeply, thanks to the interaction with a peer
8 coaching sessions of 2h each per group, online, to help you anchor your assets and to turn them into action


Self-Leadership is a process in 4 successive stages carried out during 5 months.


  • Sociological approach: your different executive roles
  • Psychological approach: your personality in action
  • Psycho-sociological approach: your values ​​and your evolution models
  • Systemic approach: your scenarios and your action plan

At each step, the approach allows:

  • An in-depth reflection via our online platform (see the online demo)
  • Individual diagnosis assisted by market-leading tools (360 °, DISC, Career Anchors)
  • Group coaching sessions in small groups of 4 to 6 people, led by a coach certified by the University of Geneva


Success requires a personal investment of around 50 hours:

  • 22 hours of interaction (2 hours of introductory session, 16 hours of coaching sessions, 4 hours of session to take stock)
  • 12 hours of individual distance learning and group interaction via the e-learning platform
  • 10 hours for testing and preparation of the coaching sessions
  • 3 hours of personal anchoring following these sessions
  • 3 hours of writing the final report


  • The program is coupled with collective reflections (strategy, projects, etc.) to link individual developments to the changes taking place in the company
  • The precise architecture depends on your needs, it is constructed in collaboration with one of our approved Program Managers

Our measures are demanding, both for the company and for the participants.

This level of requirement and our expertise are the keys to our commitment to individual and collective success.

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